Guarantee Terms

The guarantee applies only to the design and material. The warranty applies from the product's original purchase date. Purchase receipt must be presented for the guarantee to apply. The guarantee applies only to original purchaser and is not transferable. If you purchase your products from a reseller must dealer contact us.

Notification of the case to be made within a reasonable time (maximum two months) after the error was detected. If such notification is not made, even though the buyer discovered or should have discovered the error, the buyer loses the right to invoke the guarantee.

The warranty does not apply to products that have been stored or installed incorrectly, used inappropriately or improperly,The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratches, dents or damage caused by impacts or accidents.

The warranty does not cover consequential damage defects in the delivered product.



Installation and Maintenance Instructions

You must have followed the product's installation and maintenance instructions and applicable regulations in order to claim warranty. Installation and Maintenance Instructions can be found in the product package.


How to get help. 

Make sure to always save your receipt. This applies as proof of purchase. You must present your sales receipt for the guarantee to apply. Please fill out the form below. Have you purchased your products from a dealer, you must contact them first.

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